Erainn Tuanagh Test Model

I picked up my metal Erainn starter set yesterday and have painted this guy up as a test model. The highlights are a bit more noticeable IRL but overall I think the scheme works and should be pretty quick to paint up

2 thoughts on “Erainn Tuanagh Test Model

  1. Very nice!

    I’m looking forward to getting a lot of the metals (and resins!) I’ve pledged for, and the Erainn have fast become one of my favorite Kindreds in Darklands.

    Wish I could have gone to Salute – and cannot wait to get my hands on the Darklands harcover rulebook!

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    1. Thanks! Although this is the first guy I’ve assembled he went together like a dream. Didn’t even need to use super glue activator, no mould lines and no gaps that I thought it’d be worth the hassle of filling


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