Tales from the Maul: Game 4

Sunday, a new dawn and an opportunity to build on my 15 points from day one and hopefully not leave sheffield humiliated.

Game 4: Jonathon Chester – Brythoniaid

I can’t remember now whether I’ve mentioned it already but my one concession to tactics going into the maul was as follows: Point everything at one part of my opponent’s army, and hope to force the initiative with my general to allow me to overwhelm them. Thus far this hadn’t really worked, but here’s how forcing works in theory: Once per game when your general would normally be able to activate, he can instead activate two units that are within his command range simultaneously. This means you can perform their actions in whatever order you like and they are resolved as if they happened at the same time. Unfortunately for Jon, he didn’t know this, which I found out as I executed it.

The game started pretty ominously with Jon’s army motoring across the table towards me. He had a couple of Cawrdraig, imposing dragon ogre type monsters, a unit of dyndraig who are 60mm based dragon men and some human characters. He also had the smaller of the Brythoniaid’s two dragon’s, ‘smaller’ in this case still meaning bigger than 90% of everything else on the table over the weekend.  Despite his size advantage, the dragon elected to fly off and circle the table, giving him the opportunity to pick his battles when he descends later.

My Tarvax were forced to activate and run towards Jon’s massing forces by virtue of their Feral acuity, which meant that one of his cawrdraigs was able to get stuck in and do some serious damage. Fortunately for me one of them managed to survive and hold him in place.  At this point my general opened his bag of tricks and played his only card, he activated my Sronax and my Tarvox and they both charged!  The Sronax went into the Dyndraig behind the ongoing melee and the Tarvox went straight into the fight, although he had to trample over his little brother, killing him in the process. Because I got to choose the order my units performed their actions in, the Tarvox was able to kill the Cawrdraig and breakthrough into the Dyndraig, attacking again and meaning the two hardest things on my side of the table were now engaging. In a bit of rough housing with Jon’s Dyndraig unit. The first of a batch of very bad dice rolls for my opponent meant that this combat went decisively in my favour and his unit went to join the big guy in welsh heaven, which is probably a Yates’ wine bar from what I can tell.

I also managed at some point to take advantage of the fact that circling units can always be seen to chip a few wounds off the flying dragon with a well placed Shardlings from my Warlock.  When the dragon did come down, it all went wrong. He tried to swoop and attack my general atop his bear, but fluffed his attacks and was promptly evaporated by the untain’s reflex attack back, which was pretty much the highlight of my general’s weekend performance-wise.

From here on out it was largely mopping up for me. Jon tried his best to win some points back but the weight of numbers and the dice were against him and it all finished off as a 20-0 in my favour.

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