Tales From The Maul: Game 2

First round submarining out the way it was time for me to begin my heroic ascent back to the top tables.

Game 2: Glen – Anglecynn

Glen brought the wolves to the bottom table for game 2, with the Anglecynn being an army of shapeshifters, and the Mierce realm in particular being werewolves of all shapes and sizes. Glen also had a couple of bear men and a unit of Duguth – spear armed humans that it turns out pack a fairly hefty punch in numbers.

One thing Glen didn’t have was a Wiglere – the Anglecynn wizard. Pretty much all I knew about Anglecynn ahead of this game was that they rely on buffs both from their howls and their Wigleres to turbo charge the wolves into killing machines and also to control their frenzy.

We deployed opposite each other mostly on one side of the table and Glen chose to start his Maegenwulf and Guthwulf off the table on flank orders.  I was fairly pleased about this as I was sure the main thing they would be targeting would be my Warlock and as those two are giant wolves of varying sizes this seemed like overkill to me.  The rest of my army would be a fairly straightforward battering ram so not having to deal with those two at the same time as the rest of his army would be a significant boon to my steamrollering horde.

As soon as possible I charged my Tarvax into his Waelwulfs, keen to get the charge and do some damage before they could get buffed up. Even though the waelwulf unit was more numerous than the Tarvax I managed to do enough damage to reduce their numbers significantly before they struck back.  With both units being feral the combat ended with the waelwulf’s tearing at their packmates and doing further damage but not running away.

Its been a week now and my memory of exactly how it all happened is foggy but my Tarvox and Sronax also made it into the two bears and wiped them out, while my Gabrax unit joined the Tarvax in the fight against the wolves.

Glen charged his general on horseback into the Tarvax hoping to break the deadlock but was unfortunate not to do enough damage to swing the combat and he ended up fleeing back the way he came.

He then piled his Duguth into my Tarvox where their spears allowed them to get two ranks into combat and they started to whittle wounds off him.  One of his two big wolves came on and ambushed my Warlock, easily eliminating him in one combat.

At this point it was almost time to end the round so we decided to activate Glen’s general before we called it to see if he could rally. Unfortunately this went spectacularly wrong and he fled off the table.

The final result was a 15-5 win to me.

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